About Us

Welcome to CloutApps

CloutApps is a social network of app entrepreneurs (developers, publishers and lovers of apps and games). It allows app entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to achieve their growth targets successfully and allows users live in the beautiful world of connecting and interacting with people who share the same true app interests and experiences.

On this great network, you can connect with users who share the same app or game tastes, interests and personal experiences.

Influence marketing just got better, with CloutApps, you channel your influence only on those who matter to your growth.

As an app publisher

You can build a great community of passionate fans and connect with app users or game lovers. It allows publishers to connect with like minds and share experiences, skills and opportunities.

You can gather intelligent data about your apps via our app review and analytics system which will allow you to improve and become better service provider.

As an app developer

Connect, share and exchange information among people and professionals to whom it is more relevant.

Users can create an appealing app or brand page and presence by combining their skills with their personal experiences.

As a user

Discover new apps, games, connect and share the same app or game tastes, interests and personal experiences.


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Address: 10, Bada Street, 
Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.
Mobile: +234(0)8030613167,+234(0)8053136579.
Email: infor[at]cloutapps.com

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